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Finally, once you have meshed in this new direction, remember to leave some room time and projects, in which to act completely out of every rule : give vent to the wildest part of you, who is very reluctant to adhere to rules and conventions. Good evening to all girls of all ages, tonight predominant inspired by this comment from a newcomer, to talk about a topic that I find it useful for all of us. " Yes it is true if I started I would always be in my company, but at least the world around me would not be the same! If I had not the responsibility of my mother who is a widow and is 73 years old I swear I leave tomorrow ! Unfortunately for me from June began a long time " BLACK AND DARK " and I'm really bad, I feel suffocated by pain ! ! Change the environment even if it would help me in my company but unfortunately I have to stay ! " Xisyon Throughout human history there is a thin thread that binds us all. It 's something universal that unites us, in the journey we take to be men and women more and more free, happy, true. I met this something that binds us together in 2009 for the first time, reading a book by Robert Dilts, NLP trainer and researcher, which drew on studies of the American Joseph Campbell. It was the hero's journey. That is the invisible path that each of us does in fact become the hero of his own life. When it comes to heroes is normal that there come to mind mythological characters, or people who have accomplished great deeds. But the hero's journey, it is something that each of us makes in their lives, over and over again. I chose the message Xisyon, but I could pick any one of those who have written to me asking for help, because each of them is revelatory of the moment of this journey you are living.
The hero's journey begins: as in any self-respecting history, there is a routine. Everything goes, there are some problems, but everything is normal. Life goes on rails known. But at some point something unexpected happens. And as you well know it is there that every story that is worth to be seen, told, lived, takes hold. Imagine a novel that narrates "Julia got up in the morning at 9, ate breakfast before leaving the house, went to work and then went home. At 19.30 came Francis, his companion, dined together, watched a movie and then went to sleep. And their continuous life so happy and contented. " Compelling storyline I doubt it ! But if sostitusco the last sentence with " And their life went well, with no major changes, for two pleasant years. Then one morning as another Julia woke up, and looking in the mirror, she felt something in her had changed... " Now although my aim is not to write a novel, certainly some of you have begun to wonder " what has changed for Julia ", his story has attracted your attention. Do you know why Why came into play the element of chaos, we incuriosce and stimulates our desire to enter more into the life of Julia.
In the life of all of us, at some point, knocks on the door chaos, the unexpected. And 'the beginning of the adventure. And in the blink of an eye, the life we have lived up to that moment, no longer exists. In the hero's journey, this is the first of eight stages and is " THE CALL ". The call is something unexpected, and comes from the wisest of us (call it soul, wisdom, or as you please, the name is unimportant ). The soul is knocking on our door in the form of chaos, to help us move in a completely new direction and we had not considered. She knows where to lead, but to follow it requires a lot of confidence in being led by the current and give up control. The call can come disguised as so many different things : the sudden illness of you or someone you love, a failure, someone's death, the end of a story, a big win, the beginning of a story, the idea of opening a new company, the birth of a child... the list goes on and on. Can be more or less shocking, more or less pleasant, more or less destabilizing. It does not matter how they get is what you chose for your wisdom. You know that your soul is sending you a CALL, because basically, life as we know her is not enough, does not satisfy you as a first or in the most extreme case no longer exists. And once at this point you are given a choice. Follow the call or resist. When you accept the call, beginning the journey of the hero. As long as you resist and refuse, wishing that your life is as before, and continuing to not accept the fact that your life has changed forever, you're bound to suffer, and you will feel helpless. Whether you like it, or you do not like the way it works. You can resist the call for a lifetime. It ' your choice is your free will. However, know that the mistake that we all do when we are in a position to resist the call, we do not want to agree to go in a new direction, comes from the fact to believe that going in that direction, there will be precluded our happiness, our freedom, our lives. We could be wrong more. The call never comes to punish us. The call always comes from the wisest of us, to remind us who we really are, to help us discover our gifts more important, to remind us what we can. Only when we embrace, with trust in life and no longer keep us going in the new direction even if we do not know what to expect, then the road is revealed before us.